Location:1104 East Fairview Ave Montgomery, Al 36116


For over 15 years, we've been supporting LIVE music in this town. From Jazz/Blues/Rock/ to
Folk/Reggae/Punk/Alternative and everything in between! We're  home to those who appreciate
the efforts of musicians and performers to entertain, inform, and impress.

Our website is always updated with the latest info on what's happening. We're also in the Montgomery Advertiser's GO section ( Their Thursday  insert
about what's going on in town) as well as their daily "what's on."Or--give us a call @ 334-834-1048!

If you'd like us to put you on our email list, click manager@1048jazzandblues.com. No, we don't sell names of our customers to
anyone else, so you won't be getting a steady stream of garbage in your email about everything
from penis/breast enlargement to get rich quick schemes. Just good solid info about the best
place in town to hear Live Music any night of the week!