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The Velvet Note is an award-winning, beautifully-appointed listening room in Alpharetta/Johns Creek, Georgia, showcasing exceptional musical talent to the accompaniment of outstanding food, spirits and service.  At The Velvet Note, you will always enjoy the feel of the intimate, private concert and up-close-and-personal conversation you’ve dreamed of having since you first discovered the artist’s talent.

Designed by musicians for musicians, our listening room has been meticulously crafted by acoustic design engineer George Seldon (a protégée of the great George Lucas) to provide the purest vocal and instrumental reception available to a live audience.

Please keep in mind that The Velvet Note has  a full restaurant and a full bar, and we always serve our award-winning cuisine on the finest of PALM LEAF WOODEN PLATES.  That’s right – palm leaf plates!  Why in the world  do we do this?  Because we want you to hear music, not the clang of silverware hitting ceramic.