Writing music has always been a very personal experience for me. It’s an outlet for me to reflect and share my feelings and thoughts. As I was writing the music for Something from Before, I reflected on the past few years of living in Queens.

Each week, I would come home from work and write at the piano, play at jazz sessions in local neighborhoods, or just get together to jam with friends. Beyond that, I also often thought about my loved ones around me, which created a great deal of inspiration for my music.

The music is rooted in jazz, but also coincides with the indie and rock music that I grew up playing and listening to while growing up in Central New Jersey. As a whole, Something from Before creates an intersection of past and present within my life. The album is meant to take listeners on a journey of different emotions, textures, and soundscapes. Each song is unique on its own, moving from styles of modern jazz to post-rock, creating a fusion of genres.

Featuring Julia Chen (piano), Marco Bolfelli (guitar), and Peter Manheim (drums), Something from Before showcases leading musicians who are at the forefront of the local jazz scene in New York City. The band developed songwriting ideas, which created a distinct and cohesive sound by playing at local New York venues including The Shrine, Silvana’s, and Williamsburg Music Center, before ultimately recording the full album at Bunker Studios in Brooklyn, NY. Additional talent was brought in from Cosimo Boni (trumpet) and Lindsey (Lazarte) Carson (vocals) who complimented the group by adding their own instrumental and vocal flair to songs within the album.

Marco Bolfelli - Guitar
Zac Carson - Bass
Julia Chen - Piano
Peter Manheim - Drums
Cosimo Boni - Trumpet
Lindsey (Lazarte) Carson – Vocals